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HRL - Development Blog 2

The development for this has hit a bit of a snag when I started on the client-side version.

There are a few issues I have come across regarding hac2 optic.

  1. When there is only 1 player, the Lap Complete event does not trigger, however the Fastest Lap event does.
    1. This would normally work, except that the event does not return the time taken to record the lap. Instead, I have to rely on a custom timer. Which means if the player does not get the fastest lap two times in a row, the timer will be incorrect.
  2. When there are more than 1 person in the vehicle, the event does not necessarily trigger for the driver. It may trigger for the gunner, or the passenger.
    1. This would work, if I could determine if the player who got the lap was in the same vehicle, however due to limitations in hac2 optic, there is no function passed to LUA that allows this functionaliy (Note, the functionality already exists in the C++ portion of the program).

Due to these hiccups, without modifying hac2 or finding an alternative mod, I am unable to progress on with the client-side of the script.

I will update this blog if I manage to find another mod, or can get in contact with the developer of hac2.